Fiskars Axe

The Fiskars Axe X-series

The Fiskars company was founded in Finland in 1649, and has been forging products in iron and steel for more than 360 years. Over the years, one of the company's specialties became blades and cutting tools, and today Fiskars orange-handled scissors are some of the most famous and best-selling household tools in the world.

But Fiskars is equally well-known for another type of cutting tool - the venerable axe. Axes have been used to cut, split, chop and shape wood for thousands of years. (They’ve also been used extensively in battle, but fortunately most of us have given up that particular application and focus our axe-swinging on logs!)

Anyone who has ever used an axe can tell you that the quality of the design and manufacture of the tool makes all the difference in terms of getting the work done. Fiskars X-series axes are consistently rated among the best available on the market – in fact, the X-series earned the 2010 International Red Dot "Best of the Best" product design award in the garden category. And like other Fiskars products, Fiskars axes don't simply copy traditional tool design. Instead, they are completely re-thought from the ground up, designed for extreme performance, delivering increased power at impact, cutting up to three times deeper into the wood with each stroke, and making each and every swing count. X-series axes feature optimal weight distribution, and an ultra-sharp blade using “cutting-edge” blade geometry. And each X-series axe is designed and manufactured to be virtually indestructible.

The X-series includes a variety of sizes and weights, one of which is sure to be right for whatever cutting job you have at hand, whether you need to cut up kindling or fell large trees.

On one end of the spectrum are Fiskars X-series hatchets and small-to-mid-sized axes. These tools are designed with chopping – cutting a usually horizontal log into separate pieces using a series of sharp, downward strokes – in mind. Fiskars axes designed specially for chopping include the X5, which comes in at 8 inches in length, the X7 which is 14 inches long, and the 23.5-inch X15.

Larger axes are most often used for splitting wood – which ideally consists of cleaving a vertically-positioned log in half with a single stroke. Larger logs, and notably, larger axe-men, generally require a larger axe, and the X-series also includes a range of implements just for these situations. Tools in this group feature heads and handles designed specifically for splitting. Models in this group include the 17-inch X11, the 23.5-inch X17, the X25 which measures 28 inches in length, and the granddaddy of the line, the X27, which comes in at 36” long.

So whether you need a compact tool to get the campfire going on your next camping trip, or you’re staring down a few cords of large logs than need to be cut down to size for your winter wood supply, the folks at Fiskars have a top-quality, high-tech, award-winning X-series axe that is just right for the job.