Fiskars Axe

Fiskars X5

The Fiskars X5

Part of the X-Series, the Fiskars X5 is a great all-round small axe (hatchet) – it is ideal for chopping kindling quickly and easily, trail marking, removing small trees, marking larger trees for felling, etc. The X5 is a compact, lightweight tool that can easily be carried in a backpack or on your belt, making it a great choice for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

Like every X-Series hatchet or axe, the X5 combines optimal weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and a virtually unbreakable design to maximize your performance. The included sheath helps protect the blade (and the owner!) and is great for storage and transportation.

Every axe is comprised of two main components: the head and the haft, or handle. In addition, the weight and balance of the axe can greatly affect the comfort and effectiveness of its use. Let’s look at these three aspects of the Fiskars X5 in a bit more detail.

The Head

The insert-molded “PermaHead” design is molded around the head to ensure it stays put, even in heavy use. It is unbreakable so the head will not loosen or, worse, fly off. The blade is made of double hardened forged carbon steel for maximum durability; it stays sharp longer than traditional axes, but is easy to sharpen when needed. And Fiskars’ proprietary blade-grinding process offers a sharper edge, resulting in better contact with the wood, and cleaner cuts with less effort. A non-stick coating on the blade helps it power through wood and also helps prevent sticking. This combination of features allows the blade to penetrate three times deeper when chopping, without getting stuck. That extra blade penetration on each swing and easy release means you can chop more wood in less time, with less effort and less hand strain.

The Handle

The handle is made from ultralight and durable FiberComp. Despite its light weight, this composite material is stronger than steel – it won't break or even sustain significant damage due to overstrikes, and, as mentioned the “PermaHead” insert-molded design means the head will not loosen or fly off. The material is also shock-absorbing, reducing strain and fatigue.

Size and Weight

The head of the X5 weighs .86 lbs, and the implement’s total weight is just 1.06 lbs making this tool about 10-15% lighter than most comparable makes. It is about 8 inches in length overall; the axe head is just under 5 inches from blade to poll. The weight is carefully balanced, providing a comfortable feel and a powerful solid strike.

A top of the line axe does not require a lot of maintenance; however, following a few easy tips for care and storage will keep your axe in top condition, ready when you need it. The Fiskars X5 should be kept in a dry place. Keeping the head lightly oiled will go a long way toward preventing rust. For safety purposes, and to keep the blade good and sharp, you should use the included protective sheath whenever the axe is not in use.

Designed in Finland, where Fiskars has been making some of the world’s best forged tools for more than 360 years, the Fiskars X5 comes with a lifetime warranty.