Fiskars Axe

Fiskars X7

Fiskars X7

As kids, we were always told to use the right tool for the job. Well luckily for us, tools, like humans, continue to evolve and get better and better.  Gone are the caveman days of using stone tools and brute strength around the campfire trying to prep our wood.  With great care and precision our ancestors evolved into using steel and that has led to one incredible product, produced from the oldest company in Finland, the Fiskars X7 axe.

First off you recognize it as a quality Fiskars tool by taking note of the patented orange color on the handle.  Once placing the axe in your hand you can't help but want to chop something.  It is so well balanced in your hand, and the non-slip grip makes you feel at ease swinging the axe.  So you press the quick unlock on the sheath, which is designed both to be carried or hung, and begin to chop into some medium size logs.

With the first chop you notice how much more deeply this powerful little 14 inch axe sinks into the log.  This is in part to the proprietary blade grinding technique which provides a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner cuts.  Pulling the axe out of the wood is quite easy also due to the nonstick coating on the axe head.  The axe head is also made from hardened forge steel which makes it stay sharper longer than traditional axes.  You do not have to worry about overstrike breakage, because the unbreakable Permahead, is insert-molded into the handle.

The handle is crafted from shock absorbing Fibercomp which is lightweight, yet stronger than steel.  The non-slip grip helps to improve hand strain and improves control cutting where you need it be.  There is a well-placed hole in the handle which you could put a lanyard through to warp around your wrist, or even hang from your backpack.  You also feel the perfectly balanced handle and power to weight ratio, which helps to increase swing speed and multiply power.  

The total weight of the axe is 1.65 pounds making it a perfectly weighted tool for many different chores.  It is light enough to handle the light weight tasks of creating kindling and small feather sticks to get your fire going.  It is heavy enough to be able to process those small to medium logs without having to get out a bow saw or using a larger axe.  The weight is easy enough to carry either on your belt or on your backpack without weighing you down.  

No matter what your chopping needs Fiskars has you covered.  If somehow you are ever able to make one of their products fail, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a lifetime warranty backing you up.  It is easy to trust a company that has been in business since 1649, which has been a leader in the industry constantly striving to provide the best in cutting tools.  They have no doubt cut away the competition with their latest axe, the Fiskars X7 axe.