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Fiskars X27

The Fiskars X27

Since the the early days of prehistory, when man first learned to use fire, we have searched for the easier ways to prepare wood for use in our fires. Of course we have come a very long way since the cave man days of having to use brute strength and rock tools to break up wood for use. We have developed many different tools and techniques to split those logs and get them into our fireplaces.

For centuries we found that using metal splitting axes seemed to be the best way to go. At one time, if you wanted a new axe, you had to go to your local blacksmith to get it, but slowly, companies were created to industrialize the manufacturing process. One of those companies, Fiskars, has been around since 1649. They are the oldest company in Finland and they have been working with cutting tools and steel forging ever since they began business more than 360 years ago. So from the old roots of the Fiskars village where modern aesthetics meet old world crafting traditions, comes the newest and most modern splitting axe of its time.

The new Fiskars X27 has joined a long line of tradition and begins a new look forward in the technology of splitting axes. This axe is 36 inches long, which is designed for taller users, or users who just want a longer reaching tool. The X-series from Fiskars always combines perfect weight distribution with advanced blade geometry to help make sure that you are able to split medium to large logs with ease. The blades are ultra-sharp helping you to achieve one strike splits on each swing. This axe is well balanced and designed to be used both at home, camping deep in the back woods, wherever you want to save time and effort with your splitting tasks.

The blade has an advanced bevel design which adds power and makes the head easier to remove from the wood. It also has a nonstick coating that helps it power through the wood without getting stuck. It stays sharper longer due to the steel blade being hardened in the forge.

The handle has an innovative design and numerous improvements as well. The handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel thanks to the shock-absorbing FiberComp design. It has a non-slip grip to reduce hand strain and improve control. The steel head has been inserted in the molding process so that it will not loosen; this also prevents overstrike breakage.

The Fiskars X27 comes with a sheath with a built-in handle that can be used to carry the axe or hang it on the wall of your basement, garage or tool shed. It also has an easy-open lock to make sure that both you and the blade stay protected until you are ready to use it.

The head weight is just a little over 4 pounds, and the whole axe comes in at just over 6.25 pounds. You know it is a Fiskars as it has the patented orange on the handle assuring you have one of the best made axes on the planet. You will have peace of mind knowing that the X27, like all Fiskars products, is protected by a lifetime warranty in the unlikely event that you ever need it! Bottom line is that with the Fiskars X27 and a 360 year old company backing you up, you'll be splitting your way through cords of wood for years to come with one of the most innovative and effective cutting tools ever made.